About Us

The Downs Light Railway Trust was formed on the 10th February 1983. Under deed of trust, the railway's assets were transferred from the then The Downs School, Colwall. The railway had struggled to survive post the second world war and by 1970 had become derelict and dangerous. The railway was seen as a necessary asset by the school, but its state was not a concern of the pupils', parents' or teachers'. The railway required continued funding and the technical expertise to both operate and maintain the railway. To navigate future economic and political factors an independently managed railway was essential for its continued existence and preservation.


The Trust is made up of a maximum of eight Trustees, who receive no remuneration for their role as charity trustees. The Trust also comprises of charity officers and railway volunteers who assist the trustees in supervising the railway.

The Trust closely works with The Downs, Malvern who provide the core children that look after the Downs Light Railway. The Headmaster and a nominated Governor of the school attend the Board of Trustees' meetings. 

Our Objectives

To own, administer, and ensure the continuance operation and maintenance of the nine and a half inch gauge Downs Light Railway for the purpose of educating young people in mechanical and operational skills, and providing a constructional medium in mechanical, electrical and civil engineering, and workshop practice for general educational purposes.

Our Activities

  • Maintenance and upkeep of the railway, locomotives, carriages, equipment and buildings.
  • Provision of funding for the running of the railway and the Trust’s activities.
  • Provision of teaching resources for The Downs Malvern to assist with their Saturday morning extra-curricular hobbies, and for other organisations, to educate children aged between 7-13 years in railway engineering and operation.
  • Supporting events within The Downs Malvern community (such as open days, Old Downian's Day, Commemoration) and within the local village community in support of other charitable organisations.
  • Supporting the historical preservation of nine and a half inch gauge miniature railways.
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