The Downs Light Railway is one of the oldest miniature railways in existence. Since its inception back in the early 1920s, the railway has relied upon specific individuals who realised the vision and the purpose of the railway's interaction with the children. The last 80 years have demonstrated that a railway is too much of a burden for a school to afford. And therefore the Trust's income is significantly dependant on charity funding.

Current News


November 2015 Update from the Downs Light Railway Trust on the restoration effort that is currently underway on the Downs Light Railway.

Fundraising Update from the Downs Light Railway Trust on donations received throughout 2015 and a brief outline of charity funded projects over the last four years.

Areas for Fundraising

The Downs Light Railway is under constant maintenance. Some 30 years on since its restoration, the railway is continually effected by age, the weather, wear and tear. While we actively look towards developing the potential of the Downs Light Railway, with new equipment, carriages, locomotives or extensions to the railway, we are mindful that the core focus must be on maintaining the railway as it currently stands. The Trust focuses its fundraising across three main areas; the maintenance and repair of the track work, the locomotives, and the buildings.

Track work

Much of our point and track work is over 70 years old. We are currently seeking funding opportunities to refresh our turnouts. We are also seeking funding opportunities to relay the many different rail weights to a common lighter weight rail in the Hoyland Down terminus.


Two fundraising areas we are proactively looking at are commissioning a new boiler for the locomotive Brock and a heavy diesel electric locomotive to take over from the petrol hydraulic locomotive Tim.


We are actively seeking funding opportunities to build a new workshop that complies with current legislation, but also designed in a way that is suited for children in order to enhance the maintenance activities of the railway's equipment. We are also looking at combining this project with a new locomotive and carriage shed to replace the temporary ISO container and life expired carriage shed.

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