Engineering Facility Proposal

Status: Proposal Stage

Background to the project

In the 1980s, the Downs School erected the current Hoyland Down workshop for the railway. The building was a response to the previous building that was destroyed during the storms of the year by a falling tree. Although not a practical building for a workshop, but an excellent classroom, it was better than nothing! In 2010, the Hoyland Down workshop building still stands with the same limitations it was built with. It is near impossible for the locomotives and rolling stock to be easily brought into the workshop. Similarly, there is little in the way of lifting and moving provisions and the building is not suitable for workshop machining.

The present locomotive shed was erected in the 1970s, replacing the original locomotive shed brought over from Appleby in the late 1930s. 40 years on this shed like its predecessor is tired and expired. The shed is single tracked with a traverse at the back. This allows a single tight combination of positions for the locomotives with limited room for working. The shed has no heating and limited lighting.

Purpose of the project

The proposed Engineering Facility will provide a purpose permanent set of buildings for the Downs Light Railway. The workshop would include an assembly workshop to build/repair railway equipment. A siding leading into the assembly area would allow railway equipment to be brought in with ease. Overhead lifting crane would allow the pupils to move railway equipment onto trolleys or work benches or around safely with ease. A design studio to enable pupils to learn about technical design using modern Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Washing facilities would be included to ensure latest industrial practices in personal hygiene are addressed.

The locomotive shed would include sufficient space for all the railway's rolling stock. Extra space would enable rare visiting locomotives to reside at the Downs, assisting in preserving the railway gauge and offering a viewing gallery to enable greater access to public visitors. The building would also include an office for the charitable Trust to further its business and provide an area for voluntary teaching staff.

The buildings would include added security, heating, and ventilation provisions. In addition, the buildings would meet current EHS requirements for the intended activities.

The next steps ...

If you have any questions, or would like to promote and support this proposal, please contact the Trust.

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