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Posted by Anon on 13/05/2018

Seriously good work going on with this railway. I'm pleased to be able to support it, albeit in a small way.

Posted by David McIntosh on 04/12/2017   Email

An excellent visit to the Wilderness Railway by a very well behaved group of youngsters.3/12/17.

Posted by John Gaskins on 02/08/2016   Email

I have heard a lot about the DLR as I know Pete Smith. I think it is a fantastic thing to have. I would willingly give some help to the DLR but at the moment am crippled with arthritis. Long may it continue.

Posted by Claire Sheppy on 28/04/2016   Email

Having grown up in Malvern, I rode on the line as a visitor with Malvern Model railway club in the early 1960's. If there is anything I could do to help I would be interested in in doing so.

Posted by Grzes on 12/05/2013   Email

Witam jestem w trakcie rozbudowy kolejki w takim samym rozmiarze w Polsce pozdrawiam

Posted by David Goyder on 30/08/2012   Email

I did not know of this railway until an 'old'boy' told me about it. Just Fabulous for those kids to learn and and have fun!!

Posted by Dampfbahn Katzensee, Switzerland on 01/04/2012   Email

Visiting your website - congratulations- since 50 years we also have a little garden steam railway in 9 and half inch gauge. If you want to visit, look on Greetings from Switzerland, Hanspeter and Crew

Posted by Carolyn Balaam on 09/01/2012

Is the railway still expected to be running and working in 2012? I visited a friend whose boys were at the school and used to go on the railway. She says it has been shut for health & safety reasons. Is this correct? I was amazed to find such a little treasure in the UK.

Posted by Ryan Lamb on 04/06/2011   Email

Hello DLR..........i see my friend Matthew has told you all about out 9.5 inch guage Lakeshore Railroad where i am a regular driver..........we are coming up to out 40th anniversarry next year and we are hoping you can bring an engine or 2 up for a visit on that weekend. Your locos are alot smaller in size to ours but by heck they look good, im slightly jelous in the fact your line is a little longer than ours but who cares at least we have something :) Get in touch if you can, we have a facebook group called Lakeshore Railroaad South Shields where you chack out our locos if you want Thanks Ryan

Posted by alex blake on 14/02/2011   Email

hi can u show the pastout drivers are like jack,hether,alex,jamie,dasiy,alex tocur thank u alex blake pupel of tdmcp from alex blake in south africa i was there for 6 years

Posted by Matthew Nunn on 29/11/2010   Email

Hi everyone, I have heard about your railway and it's history but as thrilled when saw the loco's, James Boyd looks just like a Cheddar Hercules (Garden Railway firm gone bust). I am a fellow 9 and a 1/2er as my step-dad owns the Lakeshore Railroad in south shields (I am an aprentice working my way up to owning it). We have two american loco's a lot bigger than yours which I was suprised and are currently building a lister and planning a fowler and a small brock style steamer though we have storage issues and looking to expand storage in our very complicated shed system. When we have storage we will probably invite you down for a while to see what our track is like. You should realy publish a design book of your loco's, they are great. When I take over I am hopeing on building a Boyd type loco and a tasmanian garrat as well as pleading the living day lights out of the council for a extension. Hope Boyd's overhaul goes well, Matty!

Posted by Teresa Smith on 10/07/2010

Well done at the malvern spring show, it shows what can be done with gardens and trains!

Posted by Elizabeth Douglas on 10/07/2010

Amazed and delighted to see "George" on Gardener's World recently and now to have had a swift look at the DLRT website. Brought back many happy memories of helping on the Railway in the 1980s with James Boyd and Jeff when l did a brief spell of emergency matroning and was a staff wife for several years. So pleased to read that it is still going strong! Liz Douglas (1982 - 1989)

Posted by Ben Waterhouse on 10/07/2010

As a pupil at the Downs in thea late 80s I remember te railway as a real source of pride. many afternoons where spent working on it. Whilst it would be fair to say that I was a less than willing labourer, the railway was a great introduction to the realiries of life (a lot of back breaking effort was required in order to sustain the few times in which we could drive the trains). In addition it was a pleasure and a privilege to work alongside the great James Boyd (where his initials really JCB?) I remember the acftermath of the '87 storms whe a falling tree crushed the new workshed. Old Boyd had us in there rescuing equipment and pulling off branches and generally getting stuck in, in a way that I suspect would be an anathema to today's Health and Safety driven world. A fantastic resource and a wonderful experience. Long may it continue!

Posted by Tim Denney on 10/07/2010

I was at the Downs and was a DLR hobbyist. George was the main locomotive at that time, while Tubby was I think 'away for repairs' . . . (Was there also another engine there which was never fired?) I recall 'assisting' with the annual boiler test on George. There were I think three of us privileged to drive George at one 'Commem' (1959 maybe?). In those days it ran to the White House terminus where we had, that year, installed a spring loaded return on the points for unassisted change over. The springs were supplied by Terry's Spring Co. (of Anglepoise fame ? the son of the owner was at the Downs at that time.) There were two 'carriage sheds'. One shed had the electric train layout set up in it which we used when weather was too poor to work on the track. (Not often was it too poor!) The other (not often opened) had a number of very nice small scale steam engines (not locomotives). I wonder if they are still around. Mr. Hitchings (school maintenance) killed a very active wasp's nest ve

Posted by Peter Clarke on 10/07/2010

Wow, this is great to see a railway that children can take part in! Down in Cornwall, I'm limited to only building my 16mm garden railway!

Posted by Chris Williams on 10/07/2010

It's really good to see the DLR still running, I loved working on the railway in the early 90's and its even more impressive to see that george the 'boys hall' ornament has returned to service! I have not visited the school in over 10 years, but I shall deffinately make a trip on one of the open days so I can see it all in action.

Posted by Bob on 10/07/2010

Well done and keep up the good work. Hopefully your work will last another 80 years! Well Done!

Posted by John Duguid on 10/07/2010

I remember the railway when I was a pupil - in the mid-30's - as one of the joys of schooldays. Now in retirement in my 80th year in the U.S. it is a time when one can look back with a measure of nostalgia.

Posted by Jacob Scott on 10/07/2010

I went to the downs when I was young and always dreamt of driving the trains. Unfortunately I left at six and never got a chance, but I loved the railway.

Posted by Michael Hilton on 10/07/2010

The DLR Engineering hobby was one of the reasons I became an engineer.

Posted by Patrick Coppens on 10/07/2010

I think the world of this initiative. Maybe, you will get some pupils interested in a career as a machinist (or related jobs), and that is just what the industry needs. The UK and Flanders, have been very similar in their industry in the past. So the trouble we are in is also similar. Here it is almost impossible to find young lads, with formal training that are willing to "make a go of it" and embark on a career, that bring job satisfaction, creativity as well as desent pay. Your way of doing things might help some of these kids along.

Posted by Chris Berkeley on 10/07/2010

My father was at The Downs in the 1930s and always talked about the marvelous minature railway. For a little boy who had come to the school from Hitler's Germany the railway must have provided a respite from the cares of a troubled time.

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