The Downs Light Railway has had one of the most unique collections of locomotives attached to its history. Tubby, the locomotive that started the railway, was one of the world's first miniature locomotives adopting narrow gauge principles. The collection's progressive transition from the 7¼-inch to 9½-inch gauges, have brought new locomotives of a rare gauge into existance.

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Tubby  (2-6-2 to 4-4-2 Tender Steam Locomotive)

Originally built as a 7¼-inch 2-6-2 locomotive, Tubby was the first miniature locomotive to adopt narrow gauge design principles. Undergoing many rebuilds, including a re-gauge, Tubby remained in service until the late 1980s. Key parts of Tubby were used in the building of James Boyd. The remaining parts of Tubby resided in a private collection until 2017 after which they returned to the Downs Light Railway Trust's collection.


Maud  (2-6-0 Great Weston Steam Locomotive)

Maud was acquired in 1929 to the gauge of 7¼-inches. The locomotive was sold after eight years in 1937, and its present existance is not known.


Ranmore  (0-4-2 'Class D' Tank Steam Locomotive)

Ranmore was the spark that re-gauged the Downs Light Railway. A historic and famous model, was acquired in 1937. It was sold in 1942. The locomotive was restored in 1970s and now resides in a private collection.


George  (4-4-2 Atlantic Steam Locomotive)

George was acquired in 1939, and was the last of the original locomotives. It remained in service until 1984, and was eventually sold in 1989 where it resided as a static display until 2003. Changing ownership, the locomotive was rebuilt and returned to service in 2006. George is currently in service.


Brock (0-4-0 Narrow Gauge Tank/Tender Steam Locomotive)

Brock arrived at the Downs Light Railway in 1971. With various modifications over its life, it has been the mainstay of the DLR to present times. Its narrow gauge design has proved a favourate for the majority of the children. Brock is currently out of service, awaiting a new boiler.


Tim  (0-6-0 Petrol Hydraulic Locomotive)

Tim arrived in 1986. With several modifications and repaints, Tim is a simpler alternative to the steam locomotives, and is invariably the first locomotive the children learn to drive on. Tim is currently out of service pending maintenance.


James Boyd  (2-6-2 Narrow Gauge Tender Steam Locomotive)

James Boyd or 'JB' arrived in 1992, as a replacement for Tubby. Using some parts of Tubby, it arrived as Tubby 2, but was officially named James Boyd. In the early years, the locomotive had some minor enhancements. The locomotive was re-tubed in 2002. In 2011, the locomotive was withdrawn from service to have a full overhaul. This included a new larger boiler and revised regulator design. The locomotive returned to the Downs Light Railway in May 2015 and returned to service in the June.

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