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The railway can be explored by clicking on the above map.

1. Site of Tubbytown. The railways original starting point. The sheds were gradually moved to Windermere, and eventually the station and terminus were abandoned in 1938, as the railway routed southwards.
2. Original route of the "Zambezi", a fresh running stream off the Malvern Hills. It was later piped west of the Tunnel.
3. Site of Brock Hill Halt. Built around 1928, and eventually removed in 1973.
4. White House - a temporary terminus in the heart of the school. Never finished and eventually was taken up in 1973.
5. Site of the abandoned deviation in 1928. The track was relaid in 2009, near enough over the same location.
6. Brock Hill Junction and ballast siding, laid in 1973.
7. Intended southward extension, never commenced.
8. Brock Hill Meadow and "The Deviation", laid around the northern edge of the meadow from 1973, after the southern route was removed.
9. Air Raid Shelter built during the Second World War (1939-45); later tunnel. Disused after 1973.


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