White House Terminus


The White House was the furthest the Downs Light Railway got. The railway, in the late 1930s, deviated from Appleby up a very steep gradient to the White House classrooms of the school. With the onset of the Second World War, a concrete air raid shelter was constructed in the form of a railway tunnel. Although the railway did not utilise the shelter until after the War, a small passing loop was subsequently constructed outside the White House classrooms.

The intentions were to build a station and extend the railway alongside the Covent Garden playing field. This was where the railway was destined to reach its furthest point. However, the railway never progressed any further. The line recieved a restoration to the White House, but ultimately was removed in 1973, after the school built an all weather Red Gra cutting the railway from Hoyland Down. All that now remains of the White House terminus is the Tunnel.




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